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Prices to Fit All Budgets

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation and, a snapshot of how your business appears online,  to identify gaps and  opportunities.

Our Mission is Your Mission – 

It's always about Cash Flow. Do I really need that? Am I getting what I'm paying for? How can I tell? A pair of experienced, knowledgeable, fresh eyes on your business can save you a lot of money.

It's always about Marketing.  Am I doing enough? Am I doing the right things? Does it really cost that much? Let's take an audit of those precious marketing dollars and make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Linda Rose, Small Business Expert –  Linda Rose is a Marketing & Small Business expert with 20+ years of experience helping small businesses connect with their audiences and grow their business.

1st: Get the Message Right. An accomplished commercial writer, Linda provides website content that attracts Search Engines, Email campaigns, websites and landing pages, social media content, brochures and marketing materials, articles and press. She is also an adept editor, ensuring your message is crafted and delivered.

With a passion for small business success, Linda puts her cum laude business degree and years of experience to good use, assisting business owners grow their business; ensuring books are in order, costs are under control, processes are efficient, and your business is on track for growth. 

3 Reasons to Contact Us

  1. Expert Knowledge

Avoid the scatter gun approach—Marketing tailored to your small business.

2. Affordable Solutions

Save Time & Money. Cost-effective strategies to get you started and keep you growing.

3. Worry-free Marketing

With eMarket Boost, you know it’s actually getting done!

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